Gdpr License Agreement

The security check can only be carried out after written agreement between the controller and the subcontractor on the start, duration and scope of this test. By submitting content on the system You grant EXORLIVE a global, non-exclusive license, free, under-conceded and transferable for the use, reproduction, dissemination, preparation of derivative works, exhibition and production of content related to EXORLIVE`s system and activity (and its successors and related companies), including, but not limited to, the promotion and redistribution of part or all of the system (and works derived from it) media channels and all communication channels. EXORLIVE is in no way responsible to the customer or any other part of the losses, damages or damages of any kind or of any other kind, resulting from the ACCORD or an agreement in which they are incorporated, or from a benefit or non-compliance under the ACCORD by EXORLIVE, its employees, partners, representatives or subcontractors exceeding the maximum amount of 5 or 3 months (three months) that the customer has already paid to EXORLIVE. They accept that no health information provided by the system is used for diagnosis, treatment, cure or disease prevention without consulting a licensed physician. The application or confidence of techniques, ideas and proposals accessible through the system is at your sole discretion and risk. „license,“ a license granted to the customer and end-user in accordance with the end user`s license agreement 2.1. The RGPD does not mention any general rules and therefore has no direct impact on these documents. The contract holder may not transfer, lease, lease, sell, sub-concede or authorize all or part of the software to be copied and used by another person or corporation that is not specified in Section 2, nor transfer or transfer the agreement to third parties, unless this has been expressly confirmed and agreed in writing with the licensee. As noted above, a terms of use contract is optional.