Shaw Agreement

When you first signed up for your 2-year ValuePlan, you would have received a copy of your contract by email. The copy will be sent when you have logged in, so you may need to return to your inbox to find the appendix. Return to your ValuePlan Start Date. Provided you maintain the minimum service level of Fibre+ 25 or higher on a valuePlan or Fibre+ 25 or Total TV 25-year Internet on a 2-year value plan with TV, you can make changes to your services at any time without breaking your agreement. However, by lowering the Internet services bill by a lower level of service, rental fees may be incurred for BlueCurve TV equipment if you wish to keep them. Respect a minimum of Fibre+ 25 and the TV-service level defined as a registration in the agreement To learn more about our 2-year value plan as well as your commitment, see: Have you thought about reading your copy of the agreement? When ValuePlan`s 2-year term expires, your service will continue from month to month or you can re-enroll in a new 2-year value plan. At the end of your two-year period, you will no longer be entitled to the 2-year monthly valuePlan discount unless you sign a new agreement again. Your full agreement of more than 25 pages can be viewed at any time if you log in to your Shaw account online. It`s definitely worth reading every contract you make. On page 3 of your Shaw Value Plan agreement under „Buyer`s Right of Withdrawal“, the 10-day period within which you can terminate the agreement for any reason is clearly stated. A recent study shows that physical aspects of a classroom like color, light, texture, and air quality can improve a student`s learning progress by up to 16%.

Shaw Contract has been actively involved with Cradle to Cradle Design for over 20 years and introduced the first Cradle to Cradle Certified™ flooring product in 1999. Monthly plans remain a good option for customers who are not yet ready to commit to a 2-year term. Can I sign up for a 2-year value plan if I subscribe to a traditional TV package (grandfather)? Yes. Shaw will continue to provide you with rental equipment at the current monthly rental price, plus any taxes incurred. Does the 2-year value plan include a service guarantee? You can check your 2-year value plan online. Select one of the following options to get started. The 2-year value plans are for customers who want to get the most out of their Shaw services and materials. A 2-year value plan is suitable for both new and existing Shaw customers.

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