Amgen Settlement Agreement

A total of five whistleblower complaints have been filed against Amgen in connection with Aransep`s marketing and distribution. In addition to the most recent transaction, two whistleblower appeals were dismissed Amgen settled another in December and one is still ongoing. Amgen entered into a settlement agreement with the federal government to settle civil claims related to certain of the company`s financial donations to certain independent charitable foundations for patient assistance prior to 2017. As part of the agreement, Amgen will pay $24.75 million to the government to resolve these claims. Amgen is one of a number of companies that have previously announced that they have received subpoenas as part of a government investigation into organizations that provide financial assistance to Medicare patients. The behavior covered by Amgen`s comparison involves allegations by the government that Amgen`s donations to independent charities that offer financial assistance to patients to access their medications were not in compliance with federal law. Amgen disagrees with the Government`s view of the relevant facts or inappropriate conduct; Accordingly, the comparison does not contain or constitute an admission of liability. „I am pleased that an agreement has been reached to close this case. By focusing and investing in compliance with the rules, I am confident that Amgen will continue to meet the provisions of this agreement,“ said Robert A. Bradway, Chief Executive Officer of Amgen. Amgen continues to be committed to developing science to dramatically improve people`s lives.

These two separate comparisons are part of a lengthy Justice Department investigation into the financial support pharmaceutical companies provide to charities that help patients pay for prescription drugs. In an earlier statement, Amgen denied the government`s accusations and said they were related to events that occurred „in the early to mid-2000s.“ Despite the date of the offences, Amgen is no stranger to these types of charges. The latest comparison with the False Claims Act is actually the second of its kind between Amgen and the DOJ in the last six months. In December 2012, Amgen pleaded guilty to passing Aranesp for off-label advertising for Aranesp and had to pay $US 762 million to respond to civil charges against the company. „With this agreement, we are making significant progress in holding drug manufacturers accountable for fraudulent and abusive practices not only in South Carolina, but across the country,“ said William Nettles, U.S. Attorney for the District of South Carolina.