Agreement Credit Bell

5.1 If the goods delivered are defective or defective, or defective, bell has the right to notify the supplier and require, in addition to any other legally available rights for BELL, (a) to make the necessary improvements to the goods to remedy this defect; or b) return the goods to the supplier for credit, repair or replacement when choosing BELL. The cost of exercising one of these options by BELL is borne by the supplier. How is my personal data protected? We use appropriate technical and operational security measures, which vary depending on the sensitivity of the personal data involved. All of our staff who have access to personal data are required to respect the confidentiality of personal data. The personal data we transmit to third parties is subject to our privacy policy by similar safeguards in our trade agreements and is protected, if necessary, by additional security precautions depending on the sensitivity of the personal data concerned. 43. Will Solo request an immediate interim payment? Yes, yes. If we discover that the usage does not conform to your normal usage model, Solo may ask you to pay certain amounts due immediately and before your next billing date. In this case, you must pay these amounts on the payment date or before the payment date necessary to avoid the suspension or termination of your solo services in accordance with Section 61. If your account is subject to a credit limit, you must ensure that your user fees (billed and unbilled) remain below the credit limit to avoid suspension of your services. Bell MTS`s obligation to protect privacy is at the end of these conditions. Bell MTS protects your personal data in a manner consistent with Bell`s privacy policies, which are available in and applicable laws.

In entering into this agreement, you agree that Bell MTS may share your information with other Bell companies and brands as they exist over time („Our Businesses“), including Virgin Mobile Canada, Lucky Mobile and The Source. 5.1 All designs, works of art and design and art rights (digital or printed) remain Bell`s intellectual property until full payment. The full copyright and ownership of all „ordered“ work belongs to Bell until the full payment has been received, at that time the agency is handed over to the client, all property rights and full copyright for the finished work (without other designs, concepts, options, files, images or documents that were developed during the process). This agreement is conditional on the publication of an appropriate statement of credit and recognition and the Agency`s right to use self-promotion work in its portfolio, presentations, advertising, print and online. Bell MTS may require at any time that you keep a satisfactory deposit at Bell MTS and applied by Bell MTS, as it does from time to time on all amounts you are with Bell MTS. Bell MTS checks customer security deposits every six months. Bell MTS will return a deposit if each of the following three criteria is met: (i) deposit retained for more than 179 days; (ii) The customer is an acceptable credit risk (as determined exclusively by Bell MTS); and (iii) the customer is not part of a tempered plan.