Yukon House Rental Agreement

Use this handy kit to document the rental of a residential property. Forms include credit information forms, pet rules, late rent requirements, lease termination and more. Some of the forms included are: Request for rental form: contains fields for references and authorization to perform a credit check. rental unit: use before the start of the tenancy agreement to confirm with the tenant the condition of the premises and the contents; use the same form to perform an end-to-end tenancy inspection. Repair agreement: a form that offers landlords and tenants an optional opportunity to agree on repairs made before the lease begins. Residential lease agreement: a detailed agreement with an „Annex A“ that details provincial lease rules. End of the tenancy agreement: document all post-rental repairs for which the tenant intends to pay. Other agreements have been concluded: rental contracts for stay (fixed and current duration) and leasing of garage and parking space. This is not allowed without the agreement of both parties. A landlord or tenant can only modify or have the closure system, which provides access to the rental property, be modified or made by mutual agreement during the tenant`s occupation of the rental property. Yukoners in rental housing are receiving assistance to cover costs through funding for a new territorial/federal program.

Yes, if the rental agreement contains a no-smoking or no pet clause and all tenants in the building are treated the same (in this case, no one in the building can have pets) and if there is a strict rule on non-smokers in the building, tenants who break these rules commit a serious breach of the tenancy agreement and can be served with a notice of eviction. „[The benefit] prioritizes distressed households and the tenant can continue to receive the benefit if they move to another house within the area,“ the statement said. In the case of a tenancy agreement of six months or more, a tenant has the right to sell or sublet the leased property. This requires the approval of the lessor and a valid reason for rejecting such a request must be indicated.