Wayne State University Articulation Agreements

There are three options: they must have established their residence in the State of Michigan for purposes other than education and have been more than six months before the start of a term in the state. The second way is when you finish a Michigan high school and you have been attending that school for at least three years. Third, if you serve in the U.S. Military and are stationed in Michigan, you and your loved ones are entitled to state courses. Oakland Community College and Wayne State have a long-standing relationship and work closely together to ensure student success. Students can transfer up to 64 CCO credits to the WSU diploma (more if you follow certain articulation agreements). Wayne State College also has articulation agreements with Nebraska Indian Community College. For more information on these NICC agreements or transfers, please contact Henry Goeden, Transfer Authorization Coordinator. As a general rule, transfer students can apply a maximum of 64 hours of credit to their degree, unless you follow an approved articulation agreement. Send electronic transcripts to admissions@wayne.edu The extra course above is no longer required.

Students who move to the WSU in the fall of 2018 and beyond with MTA will have met all of Wayne State`s general education requirements. You can transfer up to 66 hours of credit from any accredited community school, but you must have earned a „C-“ or better at a regionally accredited institution. If you are leaving a partner school, Wayne State may already have agreements to transfer your credits according to the curriculum. 5057 Woodward, Suite 3101 Detroit, MI 48202 313-577-2487 transfer@wayne.edu Follow us on Twitter Macomb Community College and Wayne State have a long tradition of working together to ensure transfer students succeed. As a general rule, students can transfer up to 64 Macomb credits to their WSU diploma. However, students in certain programs such as business and engineering technology can transfer more than 64 credits, thanks to articulation agreements between our two schools. More information. Wayne State College has partnered with the following two-year schools to offer special programs (called articulation agreements) only for you! Learn more about the transfer programs available at each Community College below. And if you`re not transferred by an articulation agreement, it doesn`t matter. You can always go from an associate to a bachelor`s degree by choosing a program of study that interests you and by looking at our transfer guide to see what credits will be transferred to Wayne State College.

Check the transfer plans and articulation agreements available to Macomb students. Using plans and agreements will help you move smoothly and ensure that all your credits are transferred. Yes, yes. We have articulation agreements with many local community colleges, and the full list is online. An articulation agreement is a formal contract between a community school and the WSU, in order to provide a clearly documented pathway to obtaining a degree for a given academic program. This agreement guarantees the transfer of certain courses between universities and minimizes duplication, saving time and money for students. Note to consultants: If you see changes/updates to be made on a specific transfer plan, please contact Melissa Jimenez (bu3954@wayne.edu).