Us Taiwan Bilateral Trade Agreement

Tsai`s unilateral move to ease the restrictions, which have long been a sensitive issue for U.S. negotiators, is therefore a sign of good faith about Taiwan`s seriousness about such an agreement. „I hope that if we can take this important step in the area of beef and pork in the United States, it will be an important starting point for a larger area of Taiwan-U.S. economic cooperation,“ Tsai said. Third, the United States should consider including a Taiwan free trade agreement in a border trade initiative. The United States could generate interest in free trade agreements and allow other economies to respond. The fact is that the United States has an interest in improving trade with all economies (regardless of) and any initiative from Taiwan should be considered in this context. Why not simultaneously launch free trade agreements and TPP discussions? Taiwan has long sought a free trade agreement with the United States, its main international backer, but Washington has complained about barriers to the entry of pork and beef into the United States. Finally, the free trade agreement should model and communicate. It is time to look at what a free trade agreement would look like and let us not limit the debate to bilateral trade. What would be the anti-inflationary effects? Would Taiwanese investors have better access to U.S. financial instruments? What would be the benefits for the Taiwanese-Chinese supply chain? Which U.S. cities could develop air links with Taiwan? It would be a good idea to launch the think tank`s work rounds, roundtable discussions and modeling.

If we want the free trade agreement between the United States and Taiwan to become a reality one day, we will start to discuss what „really“ means. Taipei will move closer to Beijing if it is unable to deepen further trade partnerships, Taiwan`s representative to the United States Bi-khim Hsiao said in a statement: „President Tsai has shown strong determination and determination to prepare Taiwan for negotiations for a quality trade agreement with the United States.“ Hsiao added: „It makes sense for Taiwan and the United States to negotiate a BTA, both strategically and economically… A trade agreement will create infrastructure to strengthen and deepen already important trade relations between like-minded and reliable partners. The two sides have signed a five-year agreement establishing the dialogue on economic prosperity between the United States and Taiwan, which is to take place annually. The agreement falls short of a long-standing bilateral trade agreement, but it is an important step that strengthens relations between Washington and Taipei. Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said last month that he supported a free trade agreement between Australia and Taiwan and Taiwan`s accession to the CPTPP at a virtual forum that also included Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen.