South Sudan Revitalized Peace Agreement

In terms of content and content, the R-ARCSS is a strong pact because it contains the procedural, material and institutional elements necessary for a lasting peace agreement. He`s an Enabler. What we need next is the political will and commitment to implement the letter and spirit of the agreement. The Council deplored the continuing conflict in the Ecuador region, persistent sexual violence and all violations of the protection of civilians, and expressed concern about the dire humanitarian situation, human rights and the economic situation in South Sudan. He also called on all groups to protect medical facilities and personnel and other civilian infrastructure, allow unhindered humanitarian access and end sexual violence and the use of child soldiers. I will focus on three areas: the peace process, the humanitarian situation and the human rights situation and the role of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNAUTO). 1/ The renewed agreement on the resolution of the conflict in South Sudan is a historic opportunity to end the conflict in South Sudan and France regrets that the period leading up to the transition has been extended by six months. It is imperative that this be the last postponement. Whatever happens, a national unity government is to be formed in November.

We encourage President Kiir and Riek Machar to work together to find a compromise on the most sensitive issues, including security measures and the delimitation of internal borders. The R-ARCSS has the potential to facilitate the return to peace, stability, reconciliation, unity and prosperity in South Sudan. The potential obstacles lie before us in the form of a lack of political will and determination, mistrust and mistrust between parties, the inability to address some of the root causes of the conflict, resource-efficient means and the inevitable opposition of some parties to implement politically sensitive provisions of the R-ARCSS. There are facilitators who facilitate the successful implementation of the Peace Pact: a strong agreement on substance and content, inclusiveness and representativeness of the agreement, legitimacy, the role of IGAD, the ability to maintain and maintain trust and cooperation between the parties, and the effective implementation of provisions relating to justice, national healing and reconciliation.